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House Harker Teaser Trailer

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The official teaser trailer for the new film “I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker” from Good Cops Entertainment, 625 Productions and Shoreline Entertainment.

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Only 2 Days Left!!! Help!

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Back our Kickstarter Flow Chart

Here’s an easy way to decide if you are still on the fence to back our Kickstarter for our movie. The funds will be used for post production and to create epic special and sound effects. Check out our trailer and kickstarter at #househarker

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pre blood bucket

That time we dumped buckets of blood for our backers

It was a cold night last night, but that didn’t stop us from fulfilling our promise of dumping buckets of blood on ourselves for reaching the $10K Kickstarter milestone. Most of us remembered how cold and sticky the blood would be, and we weren’t looking forward to it, but a promise is a promise! So

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#HouseHarker throwback. The chainsaw!

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by marsrisingfilms

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What People Are Saying

Oh my god.... probably the best web series I've ever seen. How could you possibly afford this unbelieveable setting and this unbelievable cast? Why did you make a youtube web series with all this money? Why didn't you make a comedy feature? This is just absolutely brilliant. I'd watch through every 'reload' in a movie theater for two hours of this insanity.

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I admit that this is the first episode of the Machinima Prime series Good Cops I’ve ever seen, but it’s damn impressive: In part because it’s a silly yet fresh take on over-dramatic cop dramas, but more importantly because it’s a silly yet fresh take on over-dramatic cop dramas that, for this episode, was filmed in a single five-minute take. There are fight scenes and taco jokes, all set against a beautifully setting sun. It’s a damn impressive achievement for anyone, but most especially for a web series.


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Hilarious Must-Watch Web Series: Tumbleweed. A friend of mine just sent this awesome new web series to me, and I just had to share it with you guys.

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Tumbleweed Featured Article

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Bottom line: Good Cops is funny. If you like Reno 911, you’ll find it even funnier. Most importantly, the series is a shining example of an independent series making it big, something we wish happened a lot more often.


“Justice is Served with Good Cops…”

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