Let’s kickstart and have a bloody good time!

To all of our fans, we’re sorry for the long hiatus between updates, but we’ve been extremely busy prepping, shooting, and now editing our first feature film! Look at the trailer and kickstarter video above.


For the last few months, we’ve put our lovely crew through some hardships, such as the surprise polar vortex (times 3!) that hit us and dumped multiple feet of snow, where locals had insisted us Angeleno’s brought the cold with us (do they not know anything about LA?), to having to deal with driving across country in stink-ridden cars. And that was just the first week! There were also some who insisted on cannonball-ing after the shoot in frigid temperatures, so they can make it back on time for the holidays and spend it with their families. Some people are so whiny. We’re lookin’ at you Sledge! Let’s just say it took about a couple of weeks to get the smell out of the car. Of course we also had fun during the long hours of shooting and clearing the sets because someone, who shall remain nameless, wants to use a lens that shows the entire universe for every. Single. Shot! Damn you Tokina!

So what’s the movie about? sorry, it’s not a feature with your favorite GoodCops, but that’s coming soon…ish.

Our first feature is a horror comedy where we bring the scare back in vampires. The com in comedy. The hor…ahem, in horror. And it’s called, I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker, and you can view the trailer along with our kickstarter plea over at www.HOUSEHARKER.com, or click on either above or below to view it here.

Here’s the basic rundown:

In order to save a home that has been in their family for generations, two awkward brothers and their idiot friend hire a vampire-actor to scare the town. Things get crazy when the “vampire” turns out to be the real thing.

Many of you will recognize some of your favorite cops, and there are some surprise guests as well. We’re asking you, our awesome fans, to share and pledge if you can, so we can make the movie, bloodier, colorful-er, soundier, musicier, and other post production lingo that turns a film into a KICKASS MOVIE!

Here’s the video below (again) and don’t forget to let your friends know, or else we’re going to put an APB on that ass!

www.HOUSEHARKER.com – the only indie movie where loads of money was spent to create blizzard style conditions…just to mess with the crew.

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