UCLA Cheerleaders

How March Madness is Just Like My Senior Prom

Rising Excitement for an Event that Others Insist is One of the Best

The time arrives and there is a buzz in the air, it’s (Prom/March Madness)! Boys look dreamily at (girls/college basketball analysis) while girls hope against hope that this will finally be the year that (the perfect guy asks them to Prom/March Madness is canceled). My best friends pressure me into spending money I don’t have on (a tuxedo and limo/an online bracket pool) and I agree, despite the fact that I have no (female prospects/clue about college basketball) and because apparently this only happens (once/once a year/). Eventually all of the hullabaloo engages me, my excitement mounts and even my (mother/wife) is begging me to (temper my enthusiasm/shut the hell up) about (the prom/my bracket).

UCLA Cheerleaders
It's that time of year again

Getting the Girl/Filling Out My Bracket

Time passes swiftly and I realize that I am running out of time, if I don’t (ask a girl to the prom/fill out my bracket) soon, I’ll be the only guy (at the prom/in my pool) who spent a mountain of money to do nothing but hold his junk. So I start by picking the best looking, most popular (girls/teams). Then after (realizing that I just started puberty/looking at a way too predictable bracket) I change my mind and start looking at some of the less highly regarded talent. Then I see the perfect (girl/team)! The kind of Cinderella that might just actually (say yes/win a couple of rounds), the kind of choice selection who has been overlooked, but who in my opinion is just as good as the (cheerleaders/#1 Seeds). So I (ask her/change my bracket) and to my surprise (she actually says yes/none of my friends laugh at my picks).

Cute Girl with Glasses
Looking for the Cinderella, courtesy of fashions.org

The Games Begin/The Limo Ride

The big day arrives and my (mom takes a bunch of pictures/ friends call in sick to work) while Brian hides a flask of my father’s single malt scotch in his jacket. We make our way into the (limo/sports bar) and I get way too drunk, way too fast. The games begin and I appear to be doing quite well because (my date is still laughing at my playful innuendo/my morning teams have done pretty well) .  Then, just as I think that everything’s coming up Milhouse, my (date tells me what a great friend I am/first round teams start dropping like pigeon crap on a convertible). We exit the (limo/sports bar) and I start worrying that I’ll never (get laid/win my bracket).

The official birdshit of America's Brackets

Things Go Poorly, But is There Still Hope?

So we’ve finally reached (the inside of the fancy hotel/the sweet sixteen) and things are looking pretty bleak. Most of my buddies are grinding on (the dance floor/printed copies of their brackets) while I am engaged in funny but ultimately damning (conversation/justification) with my (date/other buddy with a failed bracket) about the value of a clean colon (lifelong obsession) and my general failures in regard to activities requiring more than one person. But then I see it (My dates shoulders start to bounce to the rhythm/My grinding friends don’t have that victorious 12 seed that I picked in their brackets)! So I dance! As time goes by my friend’s (dates need a rest/favorite picks lose a couple of games) and I’m the only one who is still dancing, mostly because of all of the booze, but also because (my date actually looks happy/my 12 seed selection is winning at halftime).

We Dance
And now we dance by Slightlynorth (Flickr)

The King Gets Lucky While I’m Drinking Beer With a “Friend”

Then when I’m sure the time is right, I (go in for a kiss/overtly brag about my genius #12 seed pick) only to be shot down completely at the last possible moment by a dick basketball player who I hardly know that (whooped at me before the kiss, embarrassing my date/hit a 3 point bucket while time expired to beat my #12 seed). So I slowly sit down in quiet shock and embarrassment while my friends point at me in a strange combination of howling laughter and disguised pity. As I try to regroup, to pick myself up, to look for any tiny ray of hope that this disastrous event will go my way, the (prom/tournament) comes to a close. As expected the (Prom King/#1 Seed) ends up with (some bimbo using his pecker for a handrail/cut up basketball nets and a trophy) and I am on the way to an after party with my (date/bracket) in hand, trying to find some way to end the day on a positive note.

As expected the King gets lucky (by lintmachine)
As expected the King gets lucky (by lintmachine)

It Ends

The whole group goes to (Justin’s house/the Brass Elephant Bar) and a surprisingly awesome party ensues. Dave does a (Keg stand/46 year old cougar) in the corner, Chris gets a (bottle broken/unexplainable rash) on his foot and Steve gets his ass kicked by (his date/a Samoan truck driver). The soothing cold feel of a forty ounce bottle of malt liquor numbs my pain and fogs my brain, while the stain on a model train is drained into a sink that says, “Not only are you rhyming too much, but those brownies Andy gave you were filled with all natural THC!”

The morning comes, my mind is once again my own… ish and I take my (date/bracket) home. We walk toward a door and just as I think the whole thing will end up with a polite (hug and a smile/toss of a paper bracket into an industrial dumpster) gumption strikes me and I (sweep my date around and plant a firm kiss upon her waiting lips/dip my bracket in lighter fluid, tape it to a bottle rocket, send it skyward to the tune of Waltzing Matilda!). Satisfaction fills me, my (Prom/March Madness) experience suddenly feels pretty great and I can tell by the (look in her eyes/unexpected saudade) that I will be (seeing more of this girl/doing this all over again next year.)

Holding Hands
Holding hands by mikebaird

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