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I’m Striking! (Against Myself)

Hi everyone! So, I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I last posted. I guess I owe you an explanation. On June 17, 2020 my union the “Blogging Mostie of America Guild West” (BMAGW [Pronounced bumaugwuh]) and the “Blogging Mostie of America Guild East” (BMAGE [pronounced bumaj]), went on strike. The strike was against “Mostie, the Producer of Mostie’s Blogs in America… International” (MPMCAI [pronounced Mipimbai]). Apparently I thought that I was screwing me royally, and I was.

The man counting his money while I slave over a hot blog! (image by reway2007)
The man counting his money while I slave over a hot blog! (image by reway2007)

Did you know that digital sales of blogs out grossed paper blog totals by more than 6000%? Well I did, but did I tell myself that? No! I did not. I just sat there smiling, counting the millions of dollars that rolled my way while my poor fingers blogged until they bled! Oh and what about the Internet? Did you know that all blogs are written on the Internet? Well I didn’t, and my current deal didn’t include Internet based blogs. That’s why I haven’t been receiving any residuals. In fact, I haven’t seen a dime from any of these fucking blogs! What do I think I am, a tree? I can’t live on sunlight and fertilizer Mostie, and I don’t grow fruit! I write blogs! Pay me!

Of course when I complained to myself, I insisted that the blogs make me no money, and that I am only writing them to have the satisfaction of entertaining my friends and readers. But I’m a knuckle-humping liar! Blogs this awesome have to make money, and I want my piece of the pizza!  So I offered myself Pizza.

Girls Eating Pizza

It was the combination of pizza and the clause that allowed me to stop kicking myself in the nuts that ended the strike. So I am proud to say that as of June 24, 2012 I stopped; and I couldn’t be happier! So the strike is over and more sports related fun is forthcoming.

Thanks for your patience.


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