Couple of comic renderings of behind the scenes photos by the PA

In some of my free time and while I prep to write part 3 of my time of being a PA, I decided to stretch my artistic side. Below are 2 samples of the work using a comic book app on my iphone and using some of the behind the scenes photos I took. I think they turned out well, however some of the guys in the post production office begged to differ.

What do you guys think? Should I keep my day job getting toilet paper and febreze, or get into the world of comics?

comic2 IMG_0489

If you guys like it, then the artistic overlords will let me use some more behind the scenes photos, but to see all of the fun and gore, you’ll have to become a backer of our kickstarter. It’s simple, you could easily just back us with $1, which is mucho appreciated, and will help us make this already bloody and  kickass film, even more, err, BLOODIER and KICKASS-IER!!!

So join the fun, and see what others are harking about. Simply go to to view our Kickstarter campaign and the awesome trailer.

And while there, comment on how much you love my comics, because being a PA is ok….even at the best of times, but making these amateur-ishly awesome comics is way more fun.

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