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4 thoughts on “Tumbleweed, Episode-1: Bang

  • Possible discussion topics:
    1. What does it say about human nature that when deprived of consequences (i.e. in video games) people act like psychopaths?
    2. Could open-world gaming have therapeutic clinical applications?
    3. Will there be nipples?

    This looks awesome. It’s a great concept. Somebody’s a genius.

  • The first is a topic that gets hit up later in the series! The second is above my pay grade. The third will exist in the super-exclusive unrated DVD version!

  • Guys? Your Vid`s are Private! We can not watch the Vid`s anymore! But why?

  • They will come back up soon. We are working on a relaunch that will help us to get funding for season 2. Part of that process is taking the videos down before the rerelease. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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